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    23 April at 08:32 from atlas

    Recently I attended a Yoga teacher workshop. The workshop was about Yoga Nidra, which was great, but I also picked up on a point regarding Sankalpa that I hadn't been fully aware of before.

    SANKALPA - the personal resolve we make during our final relaxation.

    In some schools of Yoga, your guru would give you a Sankalpa; however I have always been taught that it is something personal to you. As such, I had regularly altered mine to reflect whatever my current situation was. I found out at this workshop that we are ultimately aiming for only one Sankalpa.

    Sankalpa is more than the development of a statement for a limited therapeutic aim, e.g. 'I will not be smoking in six months'. Neither is it the widening of that kind of intent e.g. 'I am free of addiction'.

    Sankalpa is something that resonates deeply in your core and aligns sublimely with your essence.

    It may take some time, even years to discover your own Sankalpa and this is fine! Just remember that your Sankalpa can evolve as you continue to 'tweak' it.


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