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    16 April at 07:38 from atlas

    Regarding the online Yoga classes. It is a GREAT way to keep up your Yoga practice. It is also a great way to keep in contact with our fellow Yogis.

    Don't worry if you are not a computer wizz, it is quite easy to sort out. The thing quite a few of the people who have 'attended' online classes have said is "IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN'. 

    What happens is, each day I set up a Zoom 'meeting' I copy an invitation and either email it to you or send it through messenger (if you are on facebook). You simply click on the link and Zoom will download (this may take a few minutes).

    In your invitation there is a meeting ID number, when asked you just type this in, same with the meeting password. (If you get asked for your credit card details, just hit the skip button YOU DON"T NEED TO ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS, I have paid for this service). The other box that may appear is one that says use computer audio, you need to click on that.

    I am setting the times for our classes as half an hour or so before we actually begin, to give everyone time to get themselves sorted as well as time to have our usual pre-class chat! If you have any trouble accessing this I can talk you through it or text you with instructions. I am also happy to set up a trial 'meeting' with just you so you can work out what to do and then you would just repeat that at the class time.

    Another great thing about these classes is you can choose to come to a different day if you want. Also, now might be the perfect time to increase the number of classes you attend.




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